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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"



I just. I have no patience for people who identify themselves as socially conscious/progressive and still dismiss issues of child abuse or try to justify their petty loathing of children. I honestly hope I make a lot of you uncomfortable by talking about it, because so many people, people I KNOW, are terrible about how they treat kids and there is no way all of you reading this exempt from that. If you’re disquieted by the subject then own up to it. Don’t excuse yourself and assume I’m not talking about you. If you’re unfair to kids, even casually, then I am most certainly talking about you. If you can own up to your own ignorance and educate yourself on the struggles of marginalized people then you can do the same for children

Kids needs support, patience, respect, and protection. Being pissed off because some baby wouldn’t stop crying while you were in line at the supermarket doesn’t give you an excuse. Not wanting kids, even though it is a valid and respectable life decision, doesn’t give you an excuse. Kids around the world are abused, exploited, and suffer every day and you don’t get to look away just because your sour, grown ass can’t get over that gif of a baby hitting a cat

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I have a question! So I saw the post to unfollow you if you think all of these things. My question is: Why don't you believe that you can't be racist against white people? Can't you be racist against anybody? Isn't that the point that you're against a group of people because of their race? Last time I checked Caucasian was considered a race. I'm not even trying to be offensive, I'm honestly just confused.


i think there are people who are waaaay better @ explaining this than me (especially because i’m white myself), but i’ll do my best. just try and think about it this way:

racism isn’t pointing at a white person and calling them a cracker. racism is a system of oppression.

racism isn’t making fun of whites for drinking starbucks. racism is a history of hate crimes and inhuman treatment.

racism is a movement by white people, for white people, against persons of color. racism isn’t something that just happens when you start making fun of white people. racism is years and years of awful dehumanization.

racism is colonial europeans forcing native americans out of their homes, calling them savages, forcing english culture upon them.

racism is the slavery of black persons, treating them as animals, like objects to be owned. taking sexual advantage of the women. etc.

racism is the KKK. racism is the hatred, the violence. racism is the murders of thousands upon thousands of innocent persons of color. racism is them being beaten, dragged away by men in white masks, and burned on a cross or lynched from a tree.

racism is segregation. the mere fact that white people forced persons of color into different bars, different schools, bathrooms, hell even fucking different drinking fountains. racism is the fact that blacks were denied the right to sit at the front of a bus, let alone vote for the “free country” they lived in.

racism is the n-word, and all the slurs and insults thrown at persons of color on a daily basis. racism is the jeering and taunting when blacks entered a white school. racism was the constant bullying and oppression that haunted every day of their lives.

racism is why the KKK still exists. it’s why, when Obama was elected, people shouted that a black president would start a race war. it’s why persons of color are stopped and frisked on the street. it’s why affirmative action exists.

racism is why if a white person shoots children in a school or rapes someone, they’re a mentally ill individual with so much missed potential, but when a black person is killed by the police, they were just another street thug.

racism formed concentration camps. racism killed people in cold blood. murders. massacres.

racism is why peaceful black protesters are being violently attacked by white police in Ferguson right now.

racism is the fact persons of color constantly feared for their lives, and 200 years later, that fear really hasn’t gone away.

and that, really, is just paraphrasing. the tip of the gigantic iceberg. i’m white myself, and i cannot pretend to fully understand the lives of PoC or what they go through or how they are feeling right now. i guess if anyone who knows more than me or has more patience, feel free to add onto what i said.

now, to answer your question: whites are not oppressed. they were never put into mass slavery, they were never shoved into separate schools, they were never mass-murdered because they were white. they were always on top. and they were always the perpetrator. they still are. the white race has never gone through what persons of color have. that is why white racism does not exist. and never will, unless some sort of uprising happens for the next several to 100+ years where whites are treated as animals by PoC and shot on the street, unarmed.

EDIT: also, about using ‘caucasian’ as a term for white: http://raaw.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/caucasian/

TL;DR - what’s happening in Ferguson right now is racism. white people getting butthurt is not.

call me when a bunch of black police start tear gassing into an innocent white neighborhood.

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Why is it more okay to be sexist against men and racist against white people? Not saying that you do any of this, you are awesome.


It’s not possible to be racist against white people. Racism is systemic, not individualistic. You can be prejudiced against white people. As that post says, being prejudiced against white people operates as a safety mechanism that does not impact the ability of white people to achieve their goals as a whole. No amount of prejudice from the black population of this country has prevented white people from making up the massive majority of the rich and powerful. There is literally nothing a black person in this country can do that can’t be overridden by a higher up white person. Even the president is stymied because the majority of people in politics are white.

A black person being wary and mistrustful of a white person means a black person protecting themselves. A white person with distrust of black people, meanwhile, can have a massive effect. A white person is more likely to have more money, to be the one doing the hiring and firing, more likely to be providing loans, more likely to be providing education, more likely to be making decisions that effect a black person’s life. Whereas a black person is not likely to be in charge of hiring and firing, of providing the education.

Same for sexism. Though women are the majority, they are not able to wield the same amount of power as men. Women being wary towards men, the effect is women protecting themselves. The effect is a dude’s feelings are hurt. Men who think women are terrible, the result is dead women.

Men are not afraid of women. 

Men don’t worry on a daily basis about how to protect themselves in case a strange woman tries to have sex with them.

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Liam talking about his parents and Sophia

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god I need to calm down I am having a freak out over all the things that are wrong in this world and I wish I had the power to fix all of them all at once why isn’t it that easy